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There’s no place more beautiful than Hawaii and Mike Murata art directs photography and people like nobody else. Hawaii’s creative director with a bullet knows all the great island shooters and often brings one in from LA--to create some outstanding results.

Sometimes you gotta have a little character in advertising. For Dole Cannery we gave them Pineapple Pete. The visitors loved him so we gave him a mate, Pineapple Penny. (However, she wasn’t nearly as cute as the blonde so we didn’t show her.)


On the island of Lanai there was a beach and not much else. On Maui there were our clients who wanted to boat visitors over for a day of primitive fun. We gave it a name: Club Lanai, and made it very cool to go there for a day. And pay good money for it.
"Market Paradise? Love to", we said. Starting from ground zero, we designed the Mo`orea Visitors Bureau logo, recently spending a week visiting all the hotels, activities, restaurants and retail on Mo`orea and meeting with the Tahiti Visitors Bureau in Papeete, we are currently putting together a marketing plan to bring to worldwide attention this rarely discovered paradise. As far as superlatives, we will simply assume everywhere you look is beautiful and drop the word "beautiful" as redundant descriptive copy in advertising. Ma`ru`ru.

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