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What a great opportunity--from soup to nuts! Site signage, full project brochure, Sales office design and installation supervision, and website design for a huge Asian conglomerate in our heated up market. What fun! Oh, and one more thing: "We want to go to market in 120 days". No problem and what a beautiful plate presentation.

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1723 Kalakaua, a new condo project in Honolulu, wanted help marketing their project with a very modest budget. Their target market was the local, first-time buyer living on Oahu. Their web site, because of costs and the target market's known reliance on the internet, became the directed focus of the campaign. To drive buyers to their web site and Sales Center, we came up with eye-catching, non-typical small space real estate ads that their market would identify with and relate emotionally to for the Advertiser and select local books The one-on-one directness of the creative included a small television buy that carried the same visuals and message.

For real estate, we tap into our retail marketing smarts to create unique ads, promotions and events that generate constant new traffic. The way we'd build traffic in a shopping center.

We work closely with brokers, agents, management, mortgage companies, and the media, co-marketing with partners to produce events that produce dramatic results for all.

The client was opening several projects in the outlying area of Makakilo (West Oahu) and wanted to brand the development as the alternative to Honolulu proper. The city was moving many of its facilities to the rural Kapolei area. Hmm...To brand the Makakilo area as the best of the Honolulu alternatives, how about "The Second City's Best Address"? It worked, and the project sold out quickly.

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